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National Housing Authority –
Transforming Need Into Opportunity

The Solution: Insulated concrete walls save energy, protect the environment, and provide safe, healthy and sustainable homes.

Using insulated concrete for the construction of housing complexes, schools, and health care, administrative and other commercial facilities will conserve energy and develop sustainable homes and commercial buildings for Indian people.

Building with insulated concrete provides more energy efficiency, fire resistance, sound resistance and more resistance from severe wind and natural disasters, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, than conventional construction techniques.

New Approach Applying Time-Tested Native American Principals

Returning to Mother Earth to Provide Shelter and Opportunity

NHA was formed to introduce a new approach to housing development for Indian tribes, and to create an energy efficient, healthy, safe and sustainable construction concept for housing and certain types of commercial buildings on tribal lands and in inner cities across the United States and Canada. The concept of insulated concrete construction results in affordable and highly energy efficient housing and commercial properties and provides opportunity for economic development and jobs for members of Indian tribes. Indian people have always shown respect for the environment and have remained close to Mother Earth. By literally staying close to the earth, we draw warmth and sustaining comfort from its natural geothermal effects. The earth-like materials in Insulated concrete walls save energy, protect the environment, and provide safe, healthy and sustainable homes.

Our Heritage
The founding partners of NHA present their unique experience in an effort to provide affordable, energy efficient housing and economic development opportunity for members of American Indian tribes and Canadian First Nations. All three founding partners share Indian heritage and tradition, as well as proven success in working with Indian and urban communities. Jim Graham (Cherokee) is an award-winning urban planner who specializes in energy efficient housing products; Bill Johnson (Ojibwe) is a former bank president and commercial lender who owns a successful consulting and development company; and Leonard Prescott (Dakota) is a former tribal chairman and past president of the National Indian Gaming Association, who operates EagleVisions Energy – a lighting retrofit company.

Our Mission
History has shown that tribal communities have been subjected to some of the poorest housing conditions in our country. Radon gas, mold, and the infestation of dust, pollen and other allergens have created health concerns for reservation families . Other homes have been unable to withstand high winds and tornadoes. NHA will help reduce health and safety problems by providing for the construction of homes with insulated concrete walls. In addition to this severe shortage of healthy, affordable housing, American Indians and Canadian First Nations face a significant need for economic development to help create new jobs. Homes constructed using insulated concrete walls can solve this need for housing and provide jobs for tribal members.

Our Strategy
NHA’s comprehensive package can be readily implemented in virtually any city or tribal area with a housing shortage and a need for economic development. Participating tribes and municipalities choosing to work with NHA may select any or all of the package elements depending on their specific needs. NHA’s creative insulated concrete approach will be further enhanced through the use of other energy efficient products. These products for heating, air conditioning and electricity can provide additional monthly savings for housing occupants on Indian reservations and in urban areas. The use of insulated concrete walls for housing on Indian reservations is revolutionary. The quality of insulated concrete construction is outstanding, and the savings in energy use (and costs) are welcome - both to the environment and to Indian families who live in the houses and pay the bills.

The NHA Advantage
Because of NHA’s existing contacts and established trust in Indian Country, this Native American owned company is uniquely positioned to assist tribes in taking maximum advantage of government programs and conventional funding opportunities. Additionally, the NHA team offers a network of other housing, energy, finance, design and planning experts who will provide specialized data and information that will facilitate the successful completion of tribal projects.

Partners in America’s Future
The NHA team includes a vital relationship with ARXX Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the leading company in the research, development and use of insulated concrete forms for the construction of homes and commercial buildings. We will use and distribute the high quality ARXX product line for the construction of affordable homes throughout Indian Country.

To help tribes and tribal members structure innovative financing packages, NHA will apply the unique programs of the Office of Native American Programs (ONAP) at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). NHA will also work with Travois, Inc., Kansas City, Kansas, and the Native American Economic Development Fund, St. Paul, Minnesota, to create financing packages for development of single family homes, multi-unit housing complexes and complementary commercial entities to meet lifestyle needs of Indian families living on reservations or in urban locations.

As the insulated concrete construction industry grows, there will be unique opportunity for economic development in the opening of training facilities, factories and assembly plants through the establishment of joint ventures with tribes, municipalities and other stakeholders.

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